Two sounds of digraph TH – Voiced and Unvoiced

Two sounds of digraph TH – Voiced and Unvoiced

The digraph ch, sh are easy to learn and remember. Do you also think so? Then tell me about digraph th.

th is the most common digraph we see in English. And it has two sounds- Voiced(hard) and unvoiced(soft). We often do not bother to know the rules which can help you decide between voiced and unvoiced sound of th. But as a parent and teacher what would you answer your kid when they ask why this sound ? I always loved  answering each and every question that is posed to me by my kids. Wouldn’t you?


So spare 5 mints to know these simple rules to decide the sound of digraph th in a spelling and become your kid’s super teacher!

Below is the anchor chart which tells the rules for digraph th. The voiced and unvoiced sound usage is based on th position in the spelling.

two sounds of digraph th Rules voiced unvoiced

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