Syllable Types

What is Syllable?

Count the number of sounds in hear in a word (do not count letters). Syllable is single unit of sound. A word may have one syllable , two or more. Cat is single sound unit word, tiger has two units of sound /ti/ /ger/.  Every syllable has a vowel in it. 

Syllable Count

To count syllables, put your hand under your chin to count how many times your mouth opens when you say a word. For example for the word planet our mouth opens two times /pla/ /net/. 

n general number of syllables in a word is equal to number of vowel sounds in the word. Remember its vowel sound not vowel.

There are 6 six syllable types.

  1. Closed Syllable
  2. Open Syllable
  3.  Vowel Consonant e
  4. R Controlled Vowel
  5. Vowel Team
  6. Consonant- le

1. Closed Syllable

syllable types closed syllable free chart

Syllable which has a short vowel and ends with consonant is closed syllable. Such as sat, hit , jam.

2. Open syllable

A syllable which ends with vowel and the vowel has long sound. For example Hi, Me, 

syllable types open syllable

3. Vowel Consonant e

This syllable type is also called as magic e syllable. This syllable ends with letter e and the vowel preceding e takes long sound.

Vowel Consonant e Syllable Type Free chart

4. R Controlled Vowel

This syllable have vowel followed by letter r  such as ar er ir or ur. Here the vowel sound is controlled by r. Therefore we say r controlled vowel. For example /tri/ in Triangle, /pur/ in Purple.

r controlled syllable type splendidmoms free chart

5. Vowel Team

This syllable which has two vowels. For exmaple Heat, Book, Seed.

vowel team syllable free chart splendidmoms

6. Consonant-le

This syllable which has consonant le pattern in the end. For example /ple/ in Sample, /cle/ in Miracle.

consonant le syllable free chart splendid moms

To divide any word into smaller sound units called syllables we should learn syllable division rule.

Here the complete anchor chart showing syllable types.

syllable types anchor chart