5 Fun Ways To Teach CVC Words To Kids

5 Fun Ways to Teach CVC Words

So, struggling to teach your kids cvc words at home?

CVC words are more than just 3 letter words. Do you agree? I will tell you why. These 3 letter words forms base where kids learn blending of different sounds. So make sure to teach cvc words with fun with these amazing ideas.

Before starting, are you just making your kid learn the spelling?

I did the same before knowing Why cvc words are taught!

Identify same CVC word family words

Reading and revising CVC words should go on untill kids master blending. In this simple coloring activity assign different colors to each of  ab,ag,ad,at .. two letter sets of vowel a. Then let your kid read each cvc word  and find, to which family word it belongs and color accordingly.



Sort CVC word according to word family

how to teach cvc words

More you see more you memorize and remember. Same goes with CVC words. In this fun sorting activity kids have to sort the CVC word cards according to their word family group and drop them in the box. Make them read the word by blending the sounds before droping them into the box.

Drive through the CVC word

Take magnetic letters . Place each letter of the CVC word little apart for the car to drive through. Make the kid drive the car through the letters while sounding  them ,blending them to read. Stretch the letter sound till the car reaches the next sound. Last sound should not be stretched.

Pick and Spell CVC word

Have cvc word picture cards and letter flash crads( or plastic letters) . Pick one picture.  Get your kid to think the picture name and pick the three letters from the flash cards( or plastic letters) to name the picture.

Read And Identify the CVC Word picture

Have cvc word picture cards. Write one cvc word on paper and get your child to identify the cvc picture for it. To pick the correct picture your kid have to first read the letters, blend the sounds and read the CVC word.

CVC words are like stepping stones where kids learn how to read English. So always try to in cooperate fun ways to teach them.

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Why to teach cvc words after phonics

Why to start with cvc words after phonics

Why to start with cvc words after phonics

CVC words are small three letter words which have three sounds. CVC words are consonant-vowel-consonant words. The sounds are very clear and easy to distinguish in each cvc word. The reason to start with cvc words first is to do with the way each cvc word is pronounced. Each of the three sounds in any cvc word are clear and easy to mix with next sound. Except for few like put, now,was which are exception for the rules are not taught with cvc words.

With the help of cvc words kids learn to read and write English. Let me tell you how.

Learning any language has two sides. One is to be able to read and other is to be able to write.  After phonics next thing that kids learn are cvc words. And it is with CVC words that kids for the first time learn to read and write.

To read is to blend the sounds and to write is to segment the sounds(which they here in a word so that they can write).


Blending is to join the individual sounds together to make a word. CVC  words have vowels in between. Kids will find Blending of vowel with a consonent easy due to

With CVC words kids learn to blend the sounds(phonics) of letters they see in the word.  This way they learn to read a word.


While teacing CVC words we also each kids to identify the inital sound, middle sound, or last sound in the word.

To do this kids when they hear the word (or say the word after seeing the picture) they have to segment the sounds and find the individual sounds and identify the missing sound.

So the concepts of blending and segmentation are very important and can be taught easily with CVC words. After  these 3 letter words when kids understand to blend and segment it will be easy for them to read and write other bigger words.

Always have a fun filled ideas to teach cvc words. Here are 5 Super Fun Ways To Teach CVC words that you can do with your kids.

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