Teaching Difficult spellings to kids

How To Teach Spellings To Kids Easily

How To Teach Spellings To Kids Easily

Spelling Homework were really a nightmare for me!

Do you also feel so?

But I slowly understood what is best in teaching spellings to primary kids and get them ready for dictation at school.

Now let me share what I do when teaching my son Zayan spellings after finishing each lesson. In a traditional method here in India soon after finishing lesson teacher gives hard words from the lessons as a weekend homework only to conduct dictation on Monday. This is called spelling homework. I follow

Read Loud – Spell Out – Write It Down

approach when teaching spellings. I find this best for my kid and I am sure you will also.

  • Read Loud 

First read the word with correct pronunciation. Without knowing the word there are more chances that kids might miss pronounce it. Take this word as example. Ex: Medicine . Without knowing the correct pronunciation kids might read it as med-aik-ine. So before teaching the spellings first read aloud all the words and ask them to repeat. This will help them in relating the words they are hearing and letters they are seeing on paper.

  • Spell Out

Now that kids have pronounced the words lets relate the sound with the letters in the word. lets take the same example word Medicine. Here in this word we can break the sounds as we hear Med/i/cine. In these three syllables med is like a cvc 3 letter words that is easy to read and understand. Then we have vowel i sound.

In the end we have cine which is little difficult to explain.

We have soft sound of letter c( letter c takes soft sound as /s/ if it has vowel next to it).Then long vowel i sound , letter n sound and in the end vowel e.

Do this for few words and as they progress kids themselves will be able to break the sound with syllable in the word.  You need not explain rules for all words just breaking of sounds is enough which will help them to relate the sound in the spellings.

  • Write It Down

Now finally its time to practice. After doing the above two steps make them practice by writing few times. Though I call it as traditional method writing is necessary as I believe “Writing one time is equal to reading ten time”. It is indeed. Even while writing reading is important. So give then 5 words to practice writing at a time. After writing each word ask them to recall what they have written by covering with their palm. This will boost their confidence and help them to remember.

Every kid is different some might learn fast, some learn and forget and some might take more time.There is no shortcut practice and revision is the key.

Though the method looks tedious,  I would tell as parent you should invest time teaching your kid.Their is no other option. Without giving time you cannot expect a primary student to read and learn himself. So all the best in teaching spellings!!

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