Comprehension Passages

English Reading can be started from early age. As early as senior kindergarten.  Do not think reading is for older kids. Kids can be taught to read once they master in CVC words and few sight words.

start with sentences as simple as I HAVE A CAT.

This particular sentence has 3 sight words I, Have, A and one CVC word CAT. Similarly frame 

As and when further phonics topics like digraph, beginning blending or dipthongs are taught you can include them in reading. 

Level 1 Comprehension Passages :

These Reading passages are for senior kindergarten kids who just started reading with basic cvc words and sight words.

Level 2 Comprehension Passages : (set 1)

These Reading passages are for Grade 1 kids who know most of the blending and basic sight words. These passages also covers the important vocabulary from class 1 like words related to topics such as family, plants, house, sense organs, friends, clothes etc