Genearl Knowledge Questions for Class 1- Part 2

Gk Questions for class1

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Knowledge has a beginning but no end.

Here are the next set of 100 General knowledge questions for class 1.

Download these 100 Questions in the form of pdf . Link at the end of the article.
  1. Which insect hops on the grass?(Grass hoper)
  2. Who helps to catch the thief?(Police)
  3. What is the opposite of morning ? (Evening)
  4. Where are your taste buds found ?(Tongue)
  5. What is butter made from? (milk)
  6. Which vegetable is big round and orange in colour ? (Pumpkin)
  7. Which Fruit has a crown?(Brinjal)
  8. Where can we find seahorse? (Water)
  9. Where does silk come from?(Silkworm)
  10. Where does cotton come from?(Plant)
  11. What is place surrounded by water called ?(An Island)
  12. Where does rubber come from?(Latex)
  13. A place where bees live?(Beehive)
  14. How many weeks are there in a year ? (52)
  15. Where does coffee come from? (Coffee beans)
  16. The Sun sets in the … (West)
  17. Which insect makes an anthill? (Ant)
  18. What is a king’s wife called?(Queen)
  19. Where does a chick come from? (an Egg)
  20. Which baby animal grows into sheep? (lamb)
  21. What is the opposite of dark ? (Light)
  22. Where do you find polar bear ? (South pole, North Pole)
  23. What sound does a Monkey make? (Chatter)
  24. Which vegetable is also known as bell pepper ? (Capsicum)
  25. Which Fruit has only 1 big seed? (Mango)
  26. What does popeye the sailor eats ?(Spinach)
  27. Where does a caterpillar sleep? (in the pupa)
  28. What is the other name of the eggplant? (Brinjal)
  29. In which season do we eat Ice cream? (Summer)
  30. Name the plants found in the desert? (Cactus)
  31. Which bird used to carry mails in olden days?(Pegion)
  32. Which bird is black in color? (Crow)
  33. What is the sun made up of ? (Gases)
  34. Snow falls in which season ? (Winter)
  35. Which fruit comes in Red green and yellow colour? (Apple)
  36. Where is the belly button located?(on the belly)
  37. Tomato is a fruit or vegetable?(Fruit)
  38. Which wild animal rhymes with box?(Fox)
  39. Which flower starts with the diagraph Sh? (Shamrock)
  40. How can you travel to the space.? (Spaceship)
  41. Who does a surgery? (Surgeon)
  42. What do we wear during rainy season? (Raincoat)
  43. Which vegetable is very hot in taste? (Chilli)
  44. Which giant animal is no more found on earth now? (Dinosaurs)
  45. Which fish looks like a snake? (Eel)
  46. What is artificial hair called? (Wig)
  47. Which part of computer shows you pictures and videos? (Monitor)
  48. Which part of the computer helps us to type? (Keyboard)
  49. Which animal lives in a burrow? (Rabbit)
  50. Which flower grows in muddy water ? (Lotus)
  51. Where are aeroplanes kept? (Hanger)
  52. What run on the rails? (Train)
  53. Where does Sub marine go? (Under water)
  54. What is the shape of a globe? (Sphere)
  55. What helps us to find a way?(Map)
  56. Which object is used to erase a pencil mark? (Eraser)
  57. Which Food gives us proteins ? (Lentils, Mutton, Chicken)
  58. Who flies a plane? (Pilot)
  59. Who sails a boat/ship? (Sailor)
  60. Who drives a car? (Driver)
  61. What is the shape of a volcano (Cone)
  62. Which colour turns into orange when mixed with red ? (yellow)
  63. What are the primary colours? (red, yellow, blue)
  64. What will happen if we mix blue and yellow? (green)
  65. What is the shape of water? (Takes shape of the container)
  66. Which month has 28 days? (February)
  67. Which is the last month in a year? (December)
  68. Where is the parliament of India Situated? (New Delhi)
  69. What is the currency of India? (Rupee)
  70. What is the national game of India? (Hockey)
  71. When is the Indian Independence day celebrated? (15″ August)
  72. Which gas do we breathe in? (Oxygen)
  73. Where is Taj Mahal Situated ?(Agra)
  74. Which bird is known as king of birds? (an Eagle)
  75. A common garden insect? (Ant)
  76. Who mends our shoes? (Cobbler)
  77. What is a baby goat called? (kid)
  78. Which of these is not safe for the environment? Plastic bags /paper bags? (Plastic Bags)
  79. What is a baby bird called ? (nestling)
  80. Where does an aeroplane takes off and lands ? (Runway)
  81. What does an astronaut wear? (Spacesuit)
  82. Which gas does a plant take in ? (Carbon Dioxide)
  83. Name the planet where We live? (Earth)
  84. A baby swan is called? (cygnet)
  85. What do you call the person who brings a letter to your home from post office? (Postman)
  86. At what time of a day do we have lunch? (Afternoon)
  87. Who is the first prime minister of our country? (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru)
  88. Who is called father of the nation? (Mahatma Gandhi)
  89. Whose birthday is celebrated as children’s day? (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru)
  90. How many hours make a day? (24 hours)
  91. What do we call doctor of teeth? (Dentist)
  92. How many states are there in India? (28 states)
  93. Which shape has three sides? (Triangle)
  94. Name the place where you find lots of books to read in your school? (Library)
  95. How many zeros are there in thousand? (Three)
  96. Who invented Computer? (Charles Babbage)
  97. Which way does the clock hands moves? (Right to Left)
  98. When Sun goes down it is called what? (Sun set)
  99. Name the four directions?( East, West, North, South)
  100. Which Doctor treats animals when they are sick? (Veterinary Doctor)