General Knowledge Questions for Class 1

Gk Questions for class1

Those who keep learning,

Will keep rising in life !

Nothing is more important than keeping the brain active with learning. Here are general knowledge quiz questions for class 1 kids. 

Download these 100 Questions in the form of pdf . Link at the end of the article.
  1. Which part of the body has all the sense organs? (Head)
  2. What is the colour of leaf when it dries?(Yellow)
  3. Name a season in which leaves fall from trees?(Autumn)
  4. On Freezing water turns into?(Ice)
  5. Which flower faces the sun?(Sunflower)
  6. A person who goes to the space is called?(Astronaut)
  7. How many days are there in fortnight?(15 days)
  8. Which animal carries the baby in its pouch?(Kangaroo)
  9. What fuel do we fill in cars?(Petrol/Diesel)
  10. The Tadpole grows into a ________. (Baby Frog)
  11. How many planets do we have in solar system?(8 Planets)
  12. Where do we find zebra crossing?(roads)
  13. What is the shape of a piece of pizza? (Triangle)
  14. Which fruit comes in bunch?(Grapes)
  15. Which is the largest land animal?(Elephant)
  16. Which is the tallest animal?(giraffe)
  17. Which bird can run very fast?(Ostrich)
  18. Which bird has beautiful feathers?(Peacock)
  19. Traffic light of which colour says us to wait?(Yellow)
  20. Which star shines during the day?(Sun)
  21. How many sides does a pentagon have?(5 Sides)
  22. Which tool we use to cut the paper? (Scissor)
  23. Which fruit has Custard in its name?(Custard apple)
  24. Which Flowers begins with B? (Bougainvillea)
  25. Which flower rhymes with nose? (Rose)
  26. What is the first letter of the Alphabet set?(A)
  27. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?(26 letters)
  28. Which fruits gives us oil? (Dry fruits)
  29. What does a doctor use? (Stethoscope)
  30. What do you call the person who dresses your hair?(Hair dresser)
  31. Who puts out fire?(Fireman)
  32. Who uses a fire engine? (Fireman)
  33. Which fruit is rich in vitamin C? (Orange)
  34. Apples are rich in___ (Iron)
  35. What comes between Wednesday and Friday?(Thursday)
  36. How many months do we have in a year?(12 months)
  37. How many months have 31 days?(7)
  38. What doesn’t belong to the consonant family?(Vowels)
  39. What do we use emails for? (Sending Messages)
  40. How many toes do you have?( ten)
  41. Which part of the plant is tasty? (Fruit)
  42. Name the beautiful part of the plant. (Flower)
  43. Which part of the plant makes food? (Leaf)
  44. Which part of the plant carries baby plant? (Seed)
  45. What does a flower changes into? (Fruit)
  46. Who gives energy to the baby plant ? (Sun Light)
  47. How many months start with letter A ?(2)
  48. How many days are there in a year? (365 days)
  49. What does caterpillar changes into?(Butterfly)
  50. Where does a caterpillar sleep?(Pupa)
  51. Which animals say roar?(Lion)
  52. Which farm animal says Neigh? (Horse)
  53. Which wild animal has black and yellow stripes? (Tiger)
  54. Which is the largest bird and cannot fly? (Ostrich)
  55. Which bird gives biggest egg ?(Ostrich)
  56. What animal says quack? (Duck)
  57. Which animal is known as the ship of the desert?(Camel)
  58. Which animal has long neck? (Giraffe)
  59. Which animal has a trunk?(Elephant)
  60. Who is the fastest land animal?(Cheetah)
  61. Where does Honey come from?(Flowers)
  62. Which is the biggest sea animal?(Blue Whale)
  63. Which animal has a long sticky tongue?(Frog)
  64. How do you travel far away places?(Aeroplane)
  65. What goes up when the rain comes down?(Umbrella)
  66. Where the plant does gets the minerals and water from? (Roots)
  67. Where does a hen live? (Coop)
  68. Which animal has a hump on its back ?(Camel)
  69. Where does a dog live? (Kennel)
  70. Name two forms of water ?(Liquid, Solid)
  71. What are the of colour in national flag of India?(Orange, White, Green)
  72. Name a tree with red fruits?  (Apple Tree)
  73. How do you relate to your maternal grandfather?(Mother)
  74. Lions baby is called ?(Cub)
  75. Which animal likes to eat bone? (Dog)
  76. Which Colour starts with G ? (Green, Grey)
  77. How many elbows we have ?(Two)
  78. What is the national Animal of India? (Tiger)
  79. What is the National bird of India? (Peacock)
  80. Roots grow above the ground or below it?(Below )
  81. What is capital city of India?  (Delhi)
  82. What is the national flower of India? (Lotus)
  83. Where does the sun rises from? (East)
  84. Where do you see a rainbow? (Sky)
  85. How many colours do you see in a rainbow?(Seven)
  86. Which type of clothes do you wear in winter? (Woollen)
  87. Name two plants that have thorns? (Rose, lemon)
  88. Which animal has a mane? (Lion)
  89. Which animal is called the king of the forest? (Lion)
  90. Which bird likes to eat chilies.(Parrot)
  91. Which insect makes a web? (Spider)
  92. Name the animal which sleeps for 6 months?(Bear)
  93. Where does wool come from? (Sheep)
  94. Name a sea creature with 8 legs? (Octopus)
  95. Egg Caterpillar Pupa Butterfly are the stages of which insect?(Butterfly)
  96. Where does paper come from? (Tree)
  97. A place where lots of wild animals are kept?(Zoo)
  98. A picture that shows only your bones? (X-ray)
  99. A shape with just 8 sides?(Octagon)
  100. Does the moon changes its Shape? (Yes)