R Controlled Vowels!

When we teach CVC words or 3 letter words did you observe we never include the word ‘car’. This is because the vowels change their sound. Vowel sound  do not remain same when combined with letter r. When we have a vowel along with letter r , the vowel sound is controlled by letter r. So the letter r is called as  Bossy r. 

a+r sounds as the word ‘are’ and o+r sounds as the word or.  e+r ,  i+r , u+r sound is same as in ‘bird’.  

ar , er, ir, or, ur  are vowels with letter r. Below are the words for r controlled vowels and their wordlist for reading

Download below worksheets for daily reading and practicing of r controlled vowels . take coloured printout. If not coloured make sure to underline ar, er…. with red marker to show focus on ar,er… in the entire spelling.

R controlled Vowels ar er ir or ur

ar er ir or ur Wordlist