CH or TCH which one to use?

Ch or TCH which one to use?
If the /ch/ sound is at the end of a syllable AND it is immediately preceded by a short vowel, it is spelled tch.
If the /ch/ is preceded by a vowel team or consonant, it is spelled ch.
Look at the words below:
batch catch fetch witch clutch snatch stretch
starch peach breach lunch.
ch or tch
Teach the exception words like which, much, such, rich, and sandwich as learned words.
There are very few exceptions to this rule, but they also happen to be extremely common and high-use words.
Check out this handy rule in the video below.
Teaching ideas for CH versus TCH:
1.Sorting :
Give a list of words and discuss the ending sounds looking at the spelling. Then sort the words based on the ending spelling ch and tch
2.Complete the spelling:
Have the student fill in the blank with ch or tch to finish spelling words. Ask them to segment a word into its sounds using counters or blocks and decide whether to use ch or tch at the end.
3.Reading :
Make a word list that includes words with ch and tch. Have the student spell a word.
CH or TCH  Rule Anchor Chart
You can print out this ch or tch rule anchor chart to display in your classroom/home and help your students/kids remember this rule. Just click on the poster and save the pdf to your device.
CH or TCH Rule Words and worksheet
I also created this printable list of floss words that you can use for your lessons and activities. Just click on the poster and save the pdf to your device
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Another way to encourage students to have a deep understanding and ability to explain the rule is to ask them why they made the spelling choice that they did. For example, in the word catch, you could ask the student why they used tch or why they chose to use ch in the word branch or teach. This will often expose any misunderstandings or areas that need clarification.

Teaching and practicing this spelling rule will not only provide students with learning differences and a lifeline for spelling many words, but it will avoid inefficient and misleading practices such as trying to add or distinguish a /t/ sound in the word fetch but not in the word pouch.

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Do not forget to talk about the exceptions. When you introduce this rule make sure to state that it ‘almost always’ is the case and not always, since there are some exceptions. And Many times there is a good reason why a word doesn’t follow the rule. 

The Ch or TCH rule is a great spelling strategy to teach young students. It’s easy to learn and helps them spell common words correctly. Using the methods and activities in this post you can help your students learn the floss rule.

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