Consonant - Vowel Blend Chart

Here is the second thing you should do as soon as you teach alphabet phonics sounds to your child.  When a vowel comes with a consonant it changes the way we say the consonant letter. Consonant vowel pair sound heps in undersandng how a word sound is build. This consonant vowel blend chart helps in learning blending of consonant and vowels together. It is always recommended to pravtice blending of consonant – vowel before teachning the cvc (3 letter) words. 

Whe using this chart use only short sound of vowels to blend. As Long vowel sounds are taught some time later you can skip reading open syllable words with their actual sounds like in be, so, hi, go, to etc. Also letter c, g and q are skipped in this chart as c and g has two sounds and letter q is followed  y u always. 

Now this important to know. Letter C and Letter G when comes with e, i ,y makes hard sound as /k/ and /j/. You can learn about this rule ( C and K ) from here along with practice worksheet. I have great spelling rules worksheets to practice. 

Download the chart and make your kid learn blending effortlessly  to be a fluent reader.