CVC / 3 Letter Words Pictures

Are you stuck at how to make you kid practice CVC / 3 letter words at home?  Than  you are in the right place.

Kids who are learning to blend through CVC words/ 3 Letter words always need a lot of practice.  And as we all know they cannot read  so there are always pictures accompanying the words in their books as well as worksheets. For that matter I always get stuck while making my daughter practice CVC words like cat mat or tap as I could not draw the pictures neatly. And these DIY worksheets takes so much time to prepare due to drawing. So here are the 3 letter words pictures that I am sharing to lesson your burden. I use them to create flashcards, or to create any worksheet related to blending and segmentation of CVC words. 

I also play games where I just ask my little one to pick any 5-8 pictures and write the names of each one of them. This way it is very easy to do daily revision of segmentation where kids try to segment(divide) the individual sound in each word and write the spelling of that purticular picture. So when she picks a picture of tub she is supposed to segment(divide) the sounds in the word tub – /t/ /u/ /b/ and then write the sounds. 

So isn’t it easy now to revise or practice the 3 letter words with these free images. So what are you waiting for download these for free and save your time.

CVC 3 letter words flash cards