decodable sentences phonic book free download

Lets talk about the effectiveness of decodable sentences and introduce you to my decodable sentence bundle.   We will try to understand how decodable sentences reading gives students practice and review with the targeted phonics skills you have taught.  

Why Use Decodable Resources?

In order for students to master the phonics skills we teach, they must have lots of opportunities for practice and review.

It is not just enough to teach a phonics skill and then practice applying it using a words for a day or two.  Students need opportunities to practice and review that skill well after you have taught it to them. 

My decodable sentence bundle helps students practice reading applying the phonics skills you have taught them. So let’s take a closer look at this resource and better understand how you can use it in your kids.

This decodable sentence bundle gives your kindergarten, first and second-grade students practice reading words that contain targeted phonics skills you have taught. It has 200 phonics-based sentences to master different phonics sound such as short vowel sounds long vowel sounds, cvc words, ccvc words, cvcc words, beginning blends, digraphs, dipthongs and many more. Sentences here are build using common sight words that needs to be mastered to be a good fluent reader.


Eager to give these decodable sentence bundle a try? Download FREE digitals and give it a try in your classroom!

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