Doubling Final Consonant or 1 1 1 Rule

The Doubling Rule or 1-1-1 Rule

Doubling Rule is when the base words of one syllable (1) ending in a single consonant (1) immediately preceded by a single vowel (1) double the consonant before a vowel suffix (-ing, -ed, -est, -y, -er) but not before a consonant suffix (-tion, -full).

doubling final consonant 1 1 1 rule

Look at these words below that follows doubling rule:

clap clapped clapping
run running, runner
swin swimming, swimmer
sun sunny
skip skipping
fun funny, funnier
stop stopping, stopped
drop dropping, dropped
snap snapping, snapped
plan planning, planning
clip clipping, clipped
knit knitting, knitted
flip flipping, flipped

All the above words have
1 syllable
1 vowel
1 consonant following the vowel
Hence: the 1-1-1 Rule

Words that have more than one consonant after the vowel don’t double

nail nailed, nailing
jump jumped, jumping
thank thanked, thanking
stand standing
grade grading, graded
scrape scraping, scraped
glide gliding, glided

Check out this handy rule in the video below, and then read on for free printable spelling rule posters!

Doubling Rule Anchor Chart
You can print out this doubling rule anchor chart to display in your classroom/home and help your students/kids remember this rule. Just click on the poster and save the pdf to your device.

To make the learning fun and intresting give a list of words to students and a doubling rule checklist as you see in the image below. This helps understand the rule clearly as they check for all the three important checklist (1 syllable, 1 vowel, 1ending consonant) before adding a suffix.

doubling final consonant 1 1 1 rule

Doubling of consonant at end of a spelling rule makes is easy to learn and helps students spell common words correctly. Using the methods and activities in this post you can help your students learn the doubling rule.

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