Most of us wonder how to teach our kids to read. Many of us wait till our kindergarteners reach  grade 1. And when our kids struggle to read in their grade 1, it becomes very difficult for them to concentrate on both  reading and writing at the same time. So what can we do for this?

We can always make kids to read from their PP2/ snr KG . As soon as they learn to blend the phonics sounds using cvc words we can simultaneously teach them 2 letter sight words and 3 letter sight words. 

Once this is done its time to give them their first sentences to read. “I CAN READ” sentences are built using 2 and 3 letter sight words. Look at the sample worksheet with I CAN READ Sentences.

Learning to read with these simple sentences is fun and will teach kids the sentence formation.  With simple sentences it will also help them to understand what they are reading from an early age. 

What are you waittng for. Want your kid to read confidently ? Then  download these “I CAN READ”  worksheets for free and use them in your daily curriculum.