Magic e

Magic e Silent e worksheets free download

Let’s have some fun! Try decoding these words with your child:

      • PinPine
      • TapTape
      • HatHate

Ask your child what they notice about the words. Encourage them to identify the silent ‘e’ and the vowel change.

“Unlocking the Magic: Teaching the ‘Magic E’ Rule to Kids”

Welcome to our interactive blog on the “Magic E” rule! As parents and educators, we understand the importance of nurturing strong reading skills in children. One fundamental phonics rule that can make a world of difference in your child’s reading journey is the “Magic E” rule.

What is the ‘Magic E’ Rule?

The “Magic E” rule is a phonics rule that involves the silent ‘e’ at the end of a word. This silent ‘e’ magically transforms the sound of the vowel that comes before it.

You can teach using our silent e decoder worksheet which helps kids to change short vowel sound to long vowel sound immediately while reading.

Magic e Worksheet Free download

Why Teach the ‘Magic E’ Rule?

    • Unlocking Long Vowel Sounds: The ‘Magic E’ rule teaches kids that when a single vowel is followed by a consonant and then an ‘e,’ the vowel says its name (long vowel sound). For example, “hat” becomes “hate,” and “hop” becomes “hope.”

    • Enhancing Reading Skills: Teaching this rule helps children decode words accurately, leading to improved reading fluency.

    • Building Confidence

    • By mastering the ‘Magic E’ rule, children gain confidence in their reading abilities. It empowers them to tackle more complex words and texts.

    • Improving Spelling

Learning the ‘Magic E’ rule not only helps with reading but also with spelling. Children can apply this rule to spell words correctly. Transition to Complex Phonics

    • The ‘Magic E’ rule serves as a foundational phonics skill. It paves the way for children to grasp more advanced phonics rules and patterns as they progress in their reading journey.


Teaching the “Magic E” rule is a magical experience that can transform your child’s reading skills. It’s a fundamental step towards reading fluency, improved spelling, and increased confidence. Through interactive activities and engaging discussions, you can make the learning process both fun and educational. So, why wait? Start exploring the world of ‘Magic E’ with your child today, and watch their reading abilities flourish!

Here is the undle to teach Magic e /Silent e concept Poster and Worksheets. 

Here are the anchor charts explaining Silent e concept. All these anchor charts and worksheet are free for download for classroom use or to use them at home but do not use them commercially.

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