Different Sounds of Letter Y

sounds of letter y free worksheets

Let’s dive into the world of ‘Y’ and discover the wonders of the magical sounds it makes!

We have learnt Y as consonant so far. Like in yellow, yak. Here letter y is in the beginning of the spelling.
And when Y is in the middle of the spelling it takes the sound of short i . Like gym, symbol, crystal.

Do you know that ‘Y’ can make other two more super cool sounds? It can sound like a long ‘I’ and a long ‘E’ at the end of the spelling.

Y as Long ‘I’ – In one syllable word Y says long I

My kite can fly high in the sky.

I spy a sly little fly.

Y as Long ‘E’ – In two syllable word Y says long E


The bunny is so speedy and can hop easily.
It’s so breezy and pleasingly easy.

Hooray for ‘Y’ and its amazing sounds! So, next time you spot ‘Y’ in a word, give it a little applause for its impressive ability to wear different sounds and celebrate the awesome sounds it can make.

Here are the anchor charts explaining four sounds of letter Y. All these anchor charts and worksheet are free for download for classroom use or to use them at home but do not use them commercially.

Different Sound of Letter Y

Sound of Letter Y at end of the spelling

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