Beginning Blends!

Many of us wonder what to teach after cvc words. As we teach cvc words and blending of vowel and consonant there are other important blending as well that needs to be taught.

The first important blend that will need your attention is ‘Beginning blending’

Beginning blends bl, cl, fl, gl, pl are taught first then followed by letter s blend sc, sk, sm, sn , st, sw and letter r blend br, cr, dr, pr, sr, tr.

Start explaining how letter s blend with other consonants with simple words then use the following worksheets to practice and teach more vovulabary words explaining letter s blend.

Read out the words as

sk + in — skin

sn + ap — snap

This will help them understand how to blend eltter s with other consonants. 

Download below worksheets for daily reading and practicing of beginning blends. take coloured printout. If not coloured make sure to underline sc, sm, sn…. with red marker to show focus on sc, sm, sn… in the entire spelling.

Letter S Blends With Picture

Letter S Blends Practice Worksheets

Letter S Blends Word List -

Identify Correct Beginning BLend - sc, sk, sm, sn, st, sw