Long Sound Vowels!

As we know there are five vowels in English Language. Each vowel have their distinguish sound. The vowel sound you hear in cat, bet, pit, pot, mud are called the short sounds of vowels. 

Do you know vowels have one more sound to them . Just like short sound each vowel have its own long sound.  Long sound of a  vowel is its name itself.  (long sound of vowel a is its name itself like you hear in ‘cake’)

Below are the spelling patterns which are read as vowels long sound .  All the worksheets are free to download strictly for personnel use.

Long Vowel Sounds - Spelling Patterns and wordlist

Long Vowel - 'a'

Long Vowel - 'e'

Long Vowel - 'i'

Long Vowel - 'o'

Long Vowel - 'u'