what are cvc words?
what are ccvc words?
what are cvcc words?

CVC – Consonant-Vowel-Consonant.
CCVC – Consonant-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant.
CVCC – Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Consonant.

Cat, hot, tip, man and hut are all CVC words.

cvcc ccvc words free worksheet

CCVC words include: ‘s-t-o-p’, ‘f-l-i-p’ and ‘p-l-a-n’.

clap stop blog scot
ship this grab flip
chin drop glam from

The 4 sounds don’t have to be made by one letter, they can also be digraphs and trigraphs.
For example, ‘t-r-a-ck’, ‘th-r-i-ll’, ‘s-c-ar-f’ and ‘sh-r-e-d’.

ccvc words

CVCC words include: ‘p-i-n-k’, ‘m-u-s-t’ and ‘h-e-l-p’.

hand wolf halt fact
wild sing bald rock
hunt film rest task

The 4 sounds don’t have to be made by just one letter, they can also be digraphs and trigraphs.
For example, ‘b-e-n-ch’, ‘l-ea-n-t’, p-oi-n-t and ‘ch-o-m-p’.

Check out the ccvc, cvcc words in the video below

cvcc word list

Once children have learnt to read a variety of CVC words, they move onto reading digraphs ch, ph, sh, wh, th (two letters that make up one sound). They will learn the sounds /ch/ and /sh/ and be shown how to represent these sounds as letters. They will also learn how to blend consonants, for example: they may be shown the two letters ‘sp’ and asked to say the sounds (/s/ and /p/) these letters make out loud. Consonant blends bl, cl, gl, pl, fl, sp, sk, sm, sn, br, gr, dr, pr and so on helps kids learn to blend and read two consonant sounds.

Children then move onto reading CCVC words, such as chat, ship, frog, snap.

Once they have mastered these, they will move onto CVCC words, such as bash, card, send, mast.

Looking for Blends and Digraphs worksheets we have covered you!!

CVCC, CCVC word list
You can print out this word chart to display in your classroom/home and help your students/kids read them. Just click on the poster and save the pdf to your device.

Reading Time:
Teach to your students CCVC and CVCC words during reading time. Point to each sound in the word and ask your student to say the sounds before ‘blending’ them together to read the whole word.

Writing Time:
To make it easier to write the whole word, ask your student to ‘sound out’ the word. Break it down into the individual sounds, then write each one. This will help them to write the whole word.

For more information on list of phonics topics and how it’s used to teach children to read look through our phonics worksheets, or find decodable sentences bundle, sight words and spelling rules for your child to help them practise early reading at home.


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