Kindergarten Holiday Bundle

Holiday are extra fun and exciting in kindergarten…lets incorporate the excitement for the holiday into learning?! These noprep worksheets are perfect for your kids to practice math and literacy standards. This kindergarten holiday bundle is so easy to prep and engaging, your students won’t realize how much they are learning!
What’s Included:
This bundle covers wide range of Math, General awareness, English Reading and Writing worksheets.
Math Skills:
Complete 1 – 100
Coloring by Code
Number Names
Draw shapes
Backward counting
2 skip count
5 skip counting
Addition and Subtraction
Tens and ones
Bigger Smaller Number
Greater than less than
Before after between
Addition& Subtraction Challenge
Ten less Ten more
3 number addition
Word problems
Ordinal Numbers
Missing Addends
Coloring by Number
kindergarten holiday bundle free worksheets


Literacy Skills:
Alphabet order
Find the missing sound
Circle the correct vowel sound
Circle the given sight words
Beginning blends
Letter s blends
Singular plural
Letter r blends
Find and color 4 letter sight words
a, an
Identify naming word
Find Doing words
Writing Skills:
Know your family
Yes/no question answer
Write about yourself
Write about your best friend
My Favourite Animal
Opinion Writing
General Awareness:
Week days
Month names
Types of Transport
Planet Word Search
Reading Skills:
Reading comprehension level 1
Reading comprehension level 2
Kindergarten Holiday bundle free worksheets
For more information on list of phonics topics and how it’s used to teach children to read look through our phonics workheets, or find decodable sentences bundle, sight words and spelling rules for your child to help them practise early reading at home.
The WORKSHEETS are available for personal and single classroom use. You are not licensed to redistribute the files to other parents/teachers for use with their children/students. Instead, please refer them to this page so they can download their own copy.
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