Syllabus Breakdown and Monthly Lesson Plan

Hello Parents/Teachers

Lets see what is the syllabus for kindergarten , class1 till class 3


Syllabus PDFs

When teaching kids we should adapt more of activity based teaching instead of text book teaching. When you introduce any topic of any subject for that matter we should first give examples use real life objects to demonstrate and talk about it in broader aspect. Using games, pretend play, flash cards, fun  colouring worksheets and various activities are always recommended.

Here are the PDFs for Jnr KG Snr Kg , class1 , class2, class 3 for subjects English, EVS, Math, Hindi, and computers.  There are  special tips for each topic to help you introduce your kid to the topic with recommended  activities.

For more details on how to start and notebook setup you can watch the videos here.

These are free for download and free for personnel use PDFs.

Sample of Syllabus PDFs

Jnr Kg PP1 CBSE ICSE Syllabus EVS English Hindi
Snr Kg PP1 CBSE ICSE Syllabus EVS English Hindi

Monthly breakdown of syllabus :